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Sellers Checklist

And now… some hot tips on getting the most from the sale by giving your home the X- Factor!

Make your home an attractive proposition
Always remember that you are selling a lifestyle as well as a home. Your property, the way it looks, feels and smells needs to be appealing. Also, be aware of the wider attractions of your particular location. Are there shops, parks, nurseries and good schools nearby?

Renovate or re-evaluate?
Making up for years of neglect can be expensive. Don’t embark on big renovation projects to sell your home, such as installing a new roof or bathroom, as the cost is likely to exceed any increase in the property’s value.

Big changes could simply cost you money and delay your move. Instead, simply revise your asking price. Concentrate on making small cosmetic improvements as these can be just as good at attracting buyers. If you want to sell quickly in a competitive market, your home has to stand out from the crowd.

Your home’s exterior
First impressions matter; many buyers will make a decision on your property before they have even walked in the door. Consider sprucing things up. Inexpensive tasks, such as giving your front door and window frames a fresh lick of paint, can have a powerful impact.

Take a critical look at the front of your house - check for things you have learned to live with but which could create a negative impression for first-time visitors.

Other things to consider:
• Remove clutter and rubbish, weed paths and clip hedges. Make the front garden neat, tidy and welcoming. Mow your lawns.
• Ensure your front door is clean and bright – your potential buyers will focus on this area while they wait for you to let them in.
• Clean windows – sparkling glass and window frames shows the property has been cared for.

Inside your home
Your buyers will form an opinion about your property in the first fifteen seconds, so ensure you get the basics right. Try to avoid giving the impression that your house has been uncared for - tackle the peeling paintwork, cracked plaster and stale odours. Ensure internal areas are neat, tidy and uncluttered.

Showing buyers around - create a homely atmosphere
Play relaxing music quietly in the background or, at least, go for peace and quiet. Keep the house light and bright – keep lights on if the rooms are a little on the dark side, curtains open during the day and decorate in neutral colours.

Come up smelling of roses – your home’s aroma will play a surprisingly big part in your potential buyers’ impressions.

• Keeping the kitchen and bathroom lemon fresh. The smell of polish on furniture can also create a warm feeling.
• Placing fresh flowers at strategic points around the house.
• Having fresh coffee brewing, or bread baking in your oven when prospective buyers visit.

More character, less personality
Buyers will be visualising how they might live in your house, but this will be difficult to achieve if your home is littered with bold personal statements.

Try to remove or tone down:
• Political or religious imagery, or symbols.
• Unusual art, furnishings, wallpapers or bold colours.
• Loud music or other noises, such as children or barking dogs.
• Strong smells of pets, cooking, or tobacco.

Mixing business with pleasure…
You don’t need to treat buyers as social visitors. Be polite, but don’t feel the need to put on a show – they are here to see your property, not you. Try to keep your home clear during visits - get the children to take the dog for a walk.

Don’t apologise for the condition of your home and be honest… if you are asked, tell the buyer why you are moving, but don’t go overboard with the explanation.

And remember…we’re here to help

ANISTEN HOMES is here to make your sale as easy and stress-free as possible. In addition to marketing your property, we’re also happy to answer any of your questions on how best to present your home, or any part of the home buying and selling process.

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