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Buying a property is probably the biggest financial commitment you are ever likely to make, so you should use an agency you can trust.

ANISTENHOMES is one of the most respected estate agents in the area and we are committed to providing the very best in professional service standards. We work to make your move as stress-free as possible and feedback shows that 99% of our customers would be happy to recommend us to their friends and use our services again in the future.

New to the Area
If you are relocating from outside the area, our friendly and knowledgeable sales consultants can point you in the right direction if you need more local information. While we cannot comment specifically on which school would be best for your child, for instance, we can provide information about local nurseries, school catchment areas, shops and amenities, as well as transport links and other essential services. We really are here to help you the best we can.

Finding your dream home

House-hunting can be a time-consuming business for both you and the seller, so it is important to have thought through everything you need to make sure you are taken seriously as a potential buyer. After all, once you have found your perfect new home, you do not want to lose it through lack of preparation and unnecessary delay.

To point you in the right direction here is our short guide to buying a home :

Mortgage Agreement in Principle
For some buyers, there may be no requirement for a mortgage, but for most there will be. So, for the majority who do require a mortgage, establishing how much you can borrow and the cost of repayments should be a priority. There is not much point in viewing properties which you cannot afford, or missing an opportunity to purchase your dream home because you thought it was beyond your means. This may seem like putting the cart before the horse, but if you do not have the finances agreed or in place, the effort you put into house-hunting could be energy wasted.

Getting your mortgage agreed in principle at the start is not only a statement of intent that will ensure sellers take notice, it also means you are less likely to hit a financial snag once you have found your perfect property.

Finding the Best Mortgage Deal

With so many mortgage lenders competing for your business and offering a wide range of incentives and products, it can be difficult to decide where to go. If you already have an existing lender you may feel it is easier to stay with them, or you may decide to shop around on the internet or High Street. Going it alone by approaching various lenders direct is always an option - but who has time to spare, or needs the hassle?

Another option if you want to be sure of getting the mortgage that most suits your individual circumstances is to use an independent mortgage adviser.
Remember, getting your mortgage agreed in principle will give you a clear idea of what you can afford and sellers will take your interest in their property more seriously.

Location, Location, Location
Once your finances are in place, the next step in the house-hunting process is to decide where you would like to move to. You may have an open mind when it comes to location, but you will gain a sense of the local property market and the type of property you can afford much sooner if you focus on specific areas.

Keep in Touch
Good communication is essential if you want to beat the competition and be one of the first to view the best properties as they come up for sale. Keep in regular contact with your preferred estate agents and, when possible, visit their offices. You are more likely to develop a rapport with them and be one of the first names on their list of buyers to call when a property is about to go on the market. If a property fits your requirements perfectly, you could be the first and only person to view it.

Viewing Properties
Before you arrange an appointment to view a property, make sure you know exactly where the property is located and take a look at the outside first. It is a waste of everyone’s time if you book an appointment only to find on arrival that the property is too far away from specific amenities, or you do not like the immediate surroundings.

First impressions count, so when you view a property you will probably know within the first few minutes whether it is of any interest. If it is, you will want to take a good look around and if necessary, arrange with the agent to go back for a second viewing. But remember, there could be other interested buyers so don’t delay, or you may lose out.

And here is another important point to bear in mind. If the property IS what you are looking for, don’t hold back from making an offer just because it’s one of the first you viewed – you could regret that and experience difficulty in finding a more suitable place to buy.

Making an Offer
Once you have found your ideal home you will not want to lose it. Make your offer promptly through the selling agent and preferably, put it in writing. If you are selling your own property at the same time, you should have full details ready to give to the agent so they can evaluate the soundness of any related sale in the ‘chain’. You should also be able to provide suitable evidence (for example, mortgage agreement in principle) of available funds to substantiate your offer.

At ANISTENHOMES we will ensure your offer is put forward to the seller for their consideration, unless the offer is an amount or type which our client (seller) has specifically instructed us not to.

Offer Accepted
The acceptance of your offer does not mean necessarily the property is yours. It means that, on negotiated terms, you have agreed to buy and the seller has agreed to sell their property, subject to contract. In other words, both the seller and buyer are free to withdraw from the transaction up to when the contracts have been exchanged. Only by exchanging contracts can you be secure in the knowledge that the seller has entered a legally binding agreement to sell their property to you.

With the above in mind, you’ll want to exchange contracts as quickly as possible so you can look forward to the day you get the keys to your new home.

The Conveyancing Process
With the terms of the sale agreed, you will need to instruct your legal representatives so they can make contact with the seller’s legal representatives and proceed with their enquiries. A Home Information Pack (HIP) containing detailed information relating to the property you are buying, should be available and will normally be provided to your legal representative by the selling agent.

ANISTENHOMES offers a specialist, no-nonsense residential conveyancing service, with no hidden costs.

Exchange of Contracts and Completion
As soon as you have exchanged contracts, make sure the property is fully insured. You will need to notify the utilities companies of the completion date (this will have been agreed and written into the contract), as well as the local authority to arrange future council tax payments. It is wise to make a full list of all service providers you will need to notify.

If you are required to pay a balance of purchase monies to your conveyancer, make sure you arrange for them to receive cleared funds in time for completion.

Remember, we are here to assist you with your purchase the best way we can and will help take care of matters which may arise up to exchange of contracts and completion - at which point, it will be time to hand you the keys and wish you good luck and enjoyment in your new home!

The Inside Track on Buying
You’re in a hurry to buy and you don’t want to miss the prime properties. Here are some tips to remember when dealing with estate agents that will hopefully increase your chances of success –
• Try to be as specific as possible with the area, price range and type of property you are looking for. If there are certain roads where you would like to live, tell the agent. The chances are something will arise and you could be one of the first to be told.
• Keep in regular contact and, when possible, visit the agents’ offices to introduce yourself personally. It’s good to put a face to the voice.
• Make sure you can show you have funds in place. If you require a mortgage, obtain an agreement in principal certificate from the lender, or broker.
• If you need to sell your property in order to buy, get your property on the market first and, preferably, find a suitable buyer. Where possible, market your property with an agent who is most likely to find you a home; one you feel comfortable with and, most importantly, one that is professional. Don’t just go for cheap fees.
• Always let the agent know what you thought of the property you viewed. Be honest with your comments. Agents like feedback, so they can report back to their clients.
• Never miss a viewing appointment. If you can’t make it, contact the agent in good time so they can reschedule.
• Once you have agreed to buy a property, let the other agents you registered with know. They will appreciate this - you may need to use their services again if the sale does not proceed.
• Should you decide to withdraw from a purchase, make sure it is for a genuine reason. Simply changing your mind mid-stream could damage your reputation as a serious buyer. You don’t want to be thought of as a time waster.
• And finally, when you complete, if deserved, a thank you does not go amiss. Good agents remember!  

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