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a very professional and transparent agency

by Mrs Danvers (Landlord)
I have only been with the agency for a few months but am really impressed with their professionalism, transparency and how incredibly efficient and helpful they are. I have been dealing with Nusrat and Poonam and they are so approachable and go out of their way to help you as do all the other staff at the office, too. They have been really good to me and have always carried out what they have promised and offered to take on and pay for minor repairs when the need has arisen. They are incredibly supportive of the landlord and I cannot recommend this agency highly enough. I wish them all very good wishes for the future and may they prosper and grow! Thank you so much.
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Excellent, not perfect!

by sukh (Landlord)
Have entrusted my property with Anisten Homes for approximately 6 years now. Not perfect by any means as the staff are humans, but when there is a problem they are pretty swift at sorting it out. Communication is excellent. Used a few other agencies before them for 10 years but these are the best by far. I have recommend them to approximately 15 others, some landlords with multiple properties and they all seem satisfied with the service as well. Best by far between Gants Hill and Dagenham. A company that truly cares about their reputation. Local agents take note, do it the Anisten way!
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Exemplar Property Managing Agent

by chatterjee (Landlord)
I have been a landlord for quite a while, & after considerable trepidation moved my properties management to Anisten Homes. Initially, it was my wife who sought out this agent - & after speaking to Minnat it was apparent that Anisten knew what they were doing. Of no precise fault of their own, one of my properties had a non-rental paying tenant. It was a testimony to see both Anita & Minnat in action to eventually evict the tenant - all the while keeping us informed but at the same time ensuring not only that our rent gets paid, but also taking on the full responsibility of going through the legal process on our behalf. To add to this, they even brought the property back to its original state after evicting the tenant - further proof of their commitment to the contract. The whole team at Anisten would need to be congratulated for their excellent ways of handling tenancy issues. Nusrat is very prompt at getting back quickly to us (landlords) in terms of issues, & also keeps us informed of how things are going. Poonam also communicates effectively with the tenant in terms of maintenance issues, & keeps us informed of any issues. Husnain needs to be applauded for the inventory collation, & not to mention the box of chocolates that he drops off! The accounts team led by Davindra is critical as our survival would be at stake unless rental payments come on time. On the whole I think Minnat has done a great job in putting Anisten Homes at a high customer satisfaction level with us landlords; I guess he must be doing the same with the tenants or else he would not be in business! Bear in mind though - I am one of those landlords who like to keep a tab on what's going on with my houses - so I also keep in constant communication with the staff at Anisten Homes - which as far as I see they are very good at doing as well. Till date, I think Anisten Homes stands out as an exemplar letting & property managing agent in East London. I just hope they sustain & keep up this good work.
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Services: Lettings (as a Landlord)

by Ian and Becky (Landlord)
We have been with Anisten for the best part of two years and have had superb service throughout - from pre letting advice to letting management since. They have taken all the hassle out of being a landlord. The three year guaranteed rent also gives us peace of mind. Comment on agent fees With the three year rent guarantee the charges are relatively high BUT when you take into mind the risk the agent is underwriting and the quality of service we have had we think they are extremely fair
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Services: Lettings (as a Landlord)

by (Landlord)
Anistenhomes and the staff Nusrat, Soniya, Poonam, Davindra, Anita and MInnett all provide me with a professional service with a personal touch always happy to deal with anything put their way. They keep me updated with the latest changes and requirements regarding lettings of my property and my role as a landlord. They operate effectively and swiftly so both landlord and tenant get peace of mind
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